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Junior Golf Academy Jacksonville -The academy specializes in junior golf education and skill development. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, FUN filled program so all our future players can develop into the players and persons they dream to be.


MY JAX GOLF offers a wide range of lessons and classes. From the beginner to the low handicapper. We specialize in the short game...HOW TO SCORE. We offer lessons, skills training and techniques to help all players learn how to play and score better, where it counts around the greens.


CALL US TODAY --- GOLF FITNESS ANALYSIS Ever wonder why you can't seem to swing like you want, get tired by the 9th hole, have aches and pains after a couple of holes. Anyone tell you golf is not a physical sport? Come get tested today. MY JAX GOLF can tell you what you are doing in your swing without ever seeing your swing. WHY? Because we can show you and help you understand where and why your body is weak or inflexible.  The good news, we can also help you fix all these areas. Call us today to schedule your GOLF FITNESS TEST.


There is one Efficient way for YOU to swing the golf club.

Come get your swing efficiency analyzed using the same technology that the leading PGA & LPGA players use. TPI Certified Professional Tom Long will measure some of the most critical factors of a powerful and repeatable golf swing.

Why am I coming over the top?

Why are my drives lacking distance?

Why is my ball flight so inconsistent?

Why do I feel sore after 9 or 18 holes?

The Answers Might Surprise You



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